From truck pulls to trade events, rodeos to rock shows, SA Productions can produce your event!




SA Productions is a full service event company that can take your event from conception to reality. We have over thirty years of event operations regionally and nationally in every type of event from musical genres such as Blues, Jazz, Rock and Country, and events that range from Rodeos to Tractor Pulls, NCAA Football to Minor League Baseball and NFL Football to Golf Tournaments. We specialize in box office operations for both large and small events, and we can also book, produce, and market your public event or help you produce your private event either for the Holidays, or for any special occasion or company need.


We can operate the Box Office for a full accurate accounting of all tickets sold the day of the event along with final settlement of all bills and payouts, or we can be involved from inception to consult and advise you on all aspects of ticketing of the event to reach the maximum sales for the success of your event!